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  • Scriptarium

We can’t help revealing you the most important information that were given to the German fans of Lone Wolf during a new interview of Joe Dever at the MantiCon 212 (7-9 September) in Heppenheim (Germany):

  • Book 29 (Storms of Chai) is complete and will be published after the reissue of The Curse of Naar (LW2), probably in February 213. Joe Dever also confirmed the title of book 3 will be Dead in the Deep! Icing on the cake, the text of that book is already written and Joe is currently working on book 31.
  • The LW videogame is not dead! Quite the contrary, it will be produced for tablet computers instead of games consoles and PCs. There won’t be one game, but three! The adventures told in those three games will take place between books 3 and 5, during a period of 9 months (3 months between each adventure). The context of those games will be the reconstruction of the Kingdom of Sommerlund after the invasion of Zagarna, and the attempts at revenge from the Darklords against Lone Wolf…
  • Joe is considering a LW card games and has ideas for such a project.
  • Joe is still interested with spin-offs related to Lone Wolf, but he wants to finish the main series before.
  • Joe reminded us that many new important canon data regarding the realms and the history of Magnamund are revealed in the supplements of the Lone Wolf Multiplayer Gamebook, which came to fruition in no small part thanks to the Scriptarium team.

Moreover, Joe answered to many fan questions, during nearly two hours (the interview was supposed to last only one hour! A video of the interview will be soon posted by Mantikore, and we will post a link to this video as soon as possible. We are also preparing a small report of the convention on our website

For the Sommerlund and for the Kai!

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Being a year later now, do we have any new updates on these news bulletins above?

Also, I am curious about the fourth point: spin-offs. What exactly would that entail - gamebook adventures that focus on a single non-Kai player? I have been interested in doing something like that for my Drakkarim classes, have some "crusades" in Lencia and the Hammerlands that could be fun to write out.

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  • Scriptarium

Hi Ashkati,

Nice to see you here, welcome!

Regarding the points listed here above:

- Unfortunately, no news about LW29, sadly.

- The Lone Wolf Videogame mentioned here above is called Blood on the Snow has been released yesterday! You can find all the info you need here: . This game is a gamebook for tablets, with fights in 3D as in PC roleplayinggames, animated illustrations, levelling as in a PC RPG (and influenced by your decisions in the gamebook). The adventure is totally new and takes place between The Caverns of Kalte and The Chasm of Doom! You play Lone Wolf, and you visit a very cold area of Sommerlund...

- No news about the LW card games, sadly.

- No official news about spin-offs, but some could arrive very soon 😉 . Everything is possible: gamebooks and novels.

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