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  1. I have been working on the LW multiplayer gamebook series for a while now, and, with the aid of my gaming group, have come up with several new character classes that are meant to be used for Evil characters. These Evil characters can either be villains that confront a player group of Good players - Kai Lords, Dwarven Gunners, Kloon Sages, etc - or they can be used directly by the players in a campaign that plays off from an Evil perspective. Here is the list of classes that I have done thus far: - Vazhag Raider of Skardos (LW 13) 1 - Ogron Pioneer of Skaror (LW 6/24) 2 - Rekenarim Scout of the Hammerlands (LW 1) 3 - Acolyte of Vashna (LW 16) 4 - Helghast Agent of Helgedad (LW 2/3/8) 5 - Drakkarim Assault Trooper (LW 1/12) 6 - Liganim Sorcerer of the Darklands (LW 12/14) 7 - Stornlands Mercenary (LW 6/15) 8 - Vassa Sharnazim of Barrakeesh (LW 5) 9 - Renegade Noble of the Stornlands (LW 6/1/18/23) 1 - Zukanozod Lancer of Blackshroud (LW 1/15) 11 - Robber Knight of Cavalia (LW 23) 12 - Kogadez Medic of Zaldir (Zaldir/Tadatizaga lore, Magnamund Companion) 13 - Vordak Commander of Helgedad (LW 1/5/8/12*/14) 14 - Guild Assassin of Rhem (LW 16) 15 - Warlock of the Right (LW 2/3/8/11) 16 - Feathered Mystic (LW 4/8/9/22) 17 - Kondulaga Archer of Nyvoz (LW 1/15) 18 - Dark Disciple of Torgar (LW 1) 19 - Masked Apostate (LW 2/19) 2 - Adezejar Stalker of Helgedad (LW 12/16) 21 - Astrologer Sage of Varetta (LW 4/6/18) 22 - Drakkarim Slaver of Ogia (LW 8/1/12) 23 - Cener Darkblood of Skardos (LW 6/13) The books in brackets are primer material I would suggest for someone playing the class - if you are a bit unsure as to how the character should look/act/sound, look at the listed books for ideas. I would love to have these classes published eventually, so I'm thinking: tell me which class you would like to see a preview of, and I'll post it here. PS: all of the Drakkarim classes have been written up fully, so they would be the easiest ones to preview at this point
  2. askhati

    Lone Wolf news

    Being a year later now, do we have any new updates on these news bulletins above? Also, I am curious about the fourth point: spin-offs. What exactly would that entail - gamebook adventures that focus on a single non-Kai player? I have been interested in doing something like that for my Drakkarim classes, have some "crusades" in Lencia and the Hammerlands that could be fun to write out.
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