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    Défis Fantastiques jdr, the French Advanced Fighting Fantasy RPG Edition

    Défis fantastiques - le jeu de role is the translation of the 2013 reissue of Advanced Fighting Fantasy:

    • Rules that are close to the ones used in the gamebooks, but with a level of detail that makes a real role-playing game system;
    • Elements on the background world, its geography, its deities;
    • A bestiary and a chapter on treasures and magic items;
    • Ideas of adventures and two introduction adventures.

    This French version also contains exclusive original material: a campaign where you explore important sites (Stonebridge, the Citadel of Chaos, Salamonis, the Darkwood, Chalice.) and meet famous characters (Gillibran, Yaztromo, Balthus Dire.) of Titan, in a frame of adventure that will give you hours of excitating discovery.

    Hey, wait, that's not over! Superb illustrations of the first gamebooks, Russ Nicholson, John Blanche and John Sibbick, most of which were unpublished in the French version, await you, but also exclusive new drawings from Russ and several French illustrators (some in colour), and a brand new map of Titan. {}

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